Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Cookies

We enjoyed a Sunday afternoon of baking Halloween Cookies. The boys pulled out all 102 cookie cutters and so we ended up with a few cookies that weren't halloween ones, but they all tasted the great!

Dad even helped this time!

Jack really enjoys a good mess!

And our finished product- we ended up not frosting these. Mom was tired after all the baking and we realized they were just as good without frosting!

Three Blessings

It is incredibly hard to get a picture of all three kids together. Especially to get one of all three looking at the camera and smiling. Katelyn doesn't have her usual big smile, but do you blame her, she is on the bottom of a 90 lb pile!!!

Field Trip

Hayden's preschool class took their first field trip this year. We went to Burr Oak Woods Nature Center. This is Mrs. Cornick with both the morning and afternoon class. Hayden is 3rd from the right.

We started with a hike on a beautiful nature trail looking at the trees and stopped to look over the bridge in the water.

Hayden continued to fill his pockets of his sweatshirt with leaves.

After our walk, the kids all had their snacks.

Then we went inside the nature conservation center where the kids were able to play and learn

I had so much fun with your class buddy and I look forward to many more field trips to come!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Royals Game

Jerry and Hayden took in the final home game for the Royals in September. They had a beautiful day and were able to see the Royals finally win one!

Hayden got his first taste of cotton candy at the game
Of course 9 innings can get long so they were able to take a break and check out all the new editions at the stadium.


We introduced food to Katelyn around 4 months, however she has never liked it. Recently we have been able to force her to eat some of it but she gags on it. She refused to eat peaches and made the worst face. Tonight was the first time she enjoyed her food. Carrots have become her favorite- she ate the entire jar!

Mommy was so excited I had to capture your face covered in carrots!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend we made our annual visit to the pumpkin patch. However, this year it was VERY cold- only 40 degrees! However, despite the chill the boys still had a lot of fun.

Daddy and Jackson

Jerry took Jackson to play the "Pumpkin Walk" game. Jerry then also participated in the parent game where he had to put a pumpkin between his legs and jump from one cone to another. He won and as his prize got this pumpkin- Jack was so proud of it you would have thought he had won it!

There was a lot to do including digging in corn in the back of a haywagon

Hayden's favorite was riding the pedal cars

Jackson's favorite was feeding the animals

My new ring

Hayden called me at work after school so excited to tell me that he had found a ring at school and asked his teacher if he could bring it home for him mom. She told him he could and so he was anxious for me to get home to try it on. When he gave it to me tonight he asked if I was going to wear it forever. He was so excited to see that "it fits!" He wants me to wear it to work tomorrow to show all my friends. One special ring from my special little man.


And so tonight our long journey begins.............down the road filled with homework in the evenings. Who would have thought this all would begin the 2nd month of preschool! The best part is the boys think it's great!

Can you see the concentration?

This is my favorite- concentrating so much his tongue is hanging out!

If only the years of homework to come would be this much fun............

Thursday, October 8, 2009


We spent a beautiful day in September at the zoo with some good friends of ours. It was teacher appreciation day and so both families were able to get into the zoo for only $14 (thanks Jamie!)

Blake, Hayden and Jackson

Feeding the deer

The train ride was the biggest hit of the day

And the carousel was the next best thing

Posing for a picture for Mom

And we aren't all quite as happy about Mom's picture this time

Hayden's favorite animals were the zebras and the giraffes

Jack's favorite was the lion

And Mom's favorite was watching the elephants paint


We enjoyed a beautiful day for a parade at the Grain Valley Fair Daze in September. Jackson especially liked Santa Clause in the bucket truck. Hayden later told me his favorite were "those girls doing the flips!" Hoping he was eyeing them for their acrobatic talent and not the lack of clothes they were wearing!

Of course, the best part of any parade............