Friday, June 24, 2011

3 months (and 1 day)

You are continuing to grow and you are still the happiest baby.  You smile all the time and love to talk.  Mommy loves to listen to you too!  You just started sticking your tongue out when you smile.  You definately look like Hayden.  You get lots of attention and I can't even count how many kisses your big sister gives you in a day.  You complete our family Peyton Jean.  We love you so much!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband.  Our kids are so lucky to have you.  Our Father's day was full of fun.  Jack got his mohawk today and was so excited.  We had made a deal with him and Hayden that they could have a colored mohawk if they hit a ball into the outfield at their game.  Hayden's game was cancelled but Jack's wasn't and he did it! 

We ended our day with ice cream sundaes in waffle cone bowls. 

And ice cream sundaes aren't complete without whipped topping

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Potty Training

I am no good at potty training.  I have had a lot of help with the boys because they were in daycare all day.  Kate has been showing some serious signs that she is ready for a while a now.  Everytime she pees in her diaper she takes it off, throws it away and gets you a new one!  (yes- this is getting quite expensive!) We have tried putting her in panties but it seems we are never at the house for more than 30 min at a time and then we are leaving again.  This crazy schedule of ours makes it impossible (or so I think) to potty train.  Plus with her surgery coming up so soon we know she will likely revert.  I know none of these are good excuses but they are my excuses!  I am so ready to have her out of diapers but guess I am not ready for the work of potty training. 

However, tonight I was pleasantly surprised.  It appears all my attempts to potty train have not gone unnoticed by everyone in the house.  It appears I have managed to potty train someone!

Could this be yet another way Kate is trying to tell me she is ready? 

Girls Night

Every evening this week the boys have been at Summerfest which meant the girls and I had some alone time each evening.  It was amazing how much quieter the house was!  We read lots of books, did puzzles and of course snuggled.

No pictures of the other princess tonight- she was not having it!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Not as planned

Today did not go as planned.  I am such a planner that it can really throw me off when things don't go as planned.  My day started at 4:30am when Jerry woke me up asking me to take him to the ER due horrible back pain.  He had been fighting it the night before and when he woke up he couldn't move.  I knew it was bad when he was asking to go.  So, I had the joyous task of waking up 4 kids and getting them into the vehicle.  We took him to the ER and sat in the parking lot watching a movie for 1 1/2 hrs.  He finally told me to go home it was going to be a while.  They finally let him go about 10:00am with no real diagnosis and not even that good of drugs!  To make matters worse, I had a picture appointment to get the kids picture taken for the first time since Peyton was born.  I have been nervous to do this but had a great coupon from Picture people that expired this week.  I had gotten the first appointment of their day at noon.  I debated taking them and decided I had to go.  So, I got everyone dressed and hair done and we headed out to the mall. 

Our photographer was great and actually managed to get a picture of all four of them looking at the camera.  I have realized that with each kid you add to the picture you need to lower your expectations.  I used to have high expectations for professional pictures.  I have since realized that when you are photographing four kids, smiles are not necessary just facing the camera is good!  As with any photography session (at least in our house) there was bribery involved.  So following pictures, we went downstairs to the play area at the mall.  The kids had a blast playing on all the over priced rides that this momma won't put any money into!  (Seriously- 75 cents for a ride!)

Kate was confused as to why the kid next to her could get their ride to move but she had pushed every button and looked all over and her's wouldn't move!

Our day ended with the boys attending Summerfest (our church's version of VBS) until 9:00 tonight.  They came home exhausted after the day they had.  I survived the day and that's all that matters.  Bonus- I got a picture of my 4 cute kids!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Grandpa & Grandma

Grandpa & Grandma came to spend the day with us today.  Both the boys had baseball games, unfortunately they were at the same time so we all had to split up.  Grandma and I went and watched Hayden play and Grandpa and Jerry went to Jack's game.  Afterwards, we all met up at our new favorite hangout Orange Leaf.  The boys were so excited to show Grandpa & Grandma all the different toppings.  We all enjoyed the frozen yogurt very much. 

My kids don't get a lot of alone time with my parents so I treasure days like today.  I know 3 hours is a long drive to watch a tball game, but it means so much to my kids.  I am thankful my kids have a Grandpa & Grandma that love them.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Our life has gotten crazy lately- even more crazy then these pictures (getting a picture of all 4 kids is impossible!) Our schedule is in full summer swing.  Tonight was our only night of the week we won't be at the ball fields.  I am enjoying it but it is exhausting.  We have been spending so much time in the van it's impossible to keep clean. During the little time we have been home, Kate is keeping us on our toes.  We have cleaned up Desitin off the carpet, fished the boys' underwear out of the toilet, cleaned marker off dresser, marker on sheets just to name a few.  I am trying to enjoy this craziness because I know it won't always be like this.  I want to enjoy my kids and their activities.  God bless this crazy life!