Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Whether I was ready or not it was bound to happen.  Hayden started kindergarten last week.  He was a little nervous, but also very excited.  He had a great first day.  He asked me when I picked him up if he could go back tomorrow!
Jack was disappointed he wasn't going to school with Hayden so he got up and ready for school, back pack and all and told me it was his "pretend first day"

Jack and I took Hayden to school.  All the kindergarteners met in the commons area on the first day.  We stood back and watched him nervously chew his fingernails while waiting for class to start.  He was very nervous, but no tears. 

And there goes my big boy entering a new exciting phase in life- growing up way too fast..........

And then I cried.......

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

To celebrate Hayden, Zach and Weston's birthdays with my family this year, we decided to all meet in Topeka at Chuck E Cheese.  The kids had so much fun. 

Royals Party

So I am a little late at posting these.  Hayden celebrated his 6th birthday with a Royals birthday party with 10 friends.  They enjoyed a baseball pinata, baseball games, and ice cream sundaes in mini Royals baseball helmets.  Everyone had a great time- especially the birthday boy!  Perfect party for my biggest baseball fan.

Monday, August 9, 2010


So I am flipping through a Target ad tonight and I see a picture of a graphing calculator.  Although this is not the old style graphing calculator like I had, this one looks like a cell phone.  It comes complete with an interchangable faceplate!  It made me feel old. 

It may not have made me feel so old if I hadn't just seen some high school pictures of myself earlier on Amy's blog.  I forgot how great I looked in high school (and what cute guys I dated:)  I haven't looked at any high school pics forever- wow are these out of style!  Was it really THAT long ago?  So if you want a good laugh go on, click here.  Scroll down and you will see me at my Junior Christmas Formal and Junior Prom.  I am happy to announce that out of that group of 5 girls, 2 of them married their sweethearts from these pics.  God had a much better plan for me!

Coco Key

For Hayden's birthday we took the kids to Coco Key, an indoor water park.  They all had so much fun.  We ended up being there for over 5 hrs.  These pictures are poor quality but I still wanted to share. 

Kate even enjoyed the water slides (although this picture may not look like it:)

About every 5 min there is a large bucket that dumps hundreds of gallons of water down.  They would ring a bell when it was about to dump and Hayden loved this.  He would go running everytime he heard the bell.  Jerry even took Katelyn under it.

We finished our day at home with Hayden's birthday dinner of choice, mac n cheese and rainbow cake.


After what seemed like months of waiting, Hayden finally lost his first tooth today.  He had pizza for lunch and it was sticking out.  He then went to brush his teeth and it popped out on the floor!  He cried at first, I think he was a little surprised.  He has been wanting to loose a tooth for a while as several of his friends have been loosing teeth- so of course, it seems like the thing to do! 

So tonight at bedtime I heard Jackson tell him "I can't believe you lost a tooth!"  And then the questions followed? How will the tooth fairy get in our house? Will he come in the chimney? (they refer to the tooth fairy as a him!) Should we leave the fire on in the chimney? Does he fly? Is he invisible? Will he come in through the attic? 

But the best was Hayden's prayer.  After he finished his usual prayer requests, he added "I pray the tooth fairy will pick up my tooth tonight, and leave some money... a dollar, no two dollars, actually ten dollars and some gum. Amen"  Gotta give him credit, he knows God answers prayer so why not shoot for the moon!

This is not a good picture of him, makes his face looks distorted but it was the best I could get of the missing tooth!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Happy 6th Birthday Hayden.  I can't believe how fast you are growing up.  I love watching you with your brother and sister, always taking care of them.  You remind me so much of myself- definately the oldest child!  You are such a great helper and have such a tender heart.  You truly care for those around you.  These qualities will take you far in life.  You have such a passion for sports, especially baseball.  You know all the major league teams and even some players.  I love how excited you get watching a major league baseball game.  I love how you have developed your own favorite teams- not just the ones Dad likes! You love to talk. I love to hear your stories. I can always count on you to tell me everything in detail that I may have missed during the day (Dad can't get away with anything when you're around!)   You don't know a stranger and can talk to anyone.  Everytime I take you somewhere you leave with a new friend.  I love you little man!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


We took advantage of more hot weather to enjoy some more time swimming.  We have two kids that absolutely love the water and one that will only sit on the steps.  This is my stair kid!

The funny part is he could sit there for hours, he just is too scared to jump in, swim, go under, etc.  He definately needs some swimming lessons because with his personality there is no way he will let Jerry or I work with him.  Now on the other hand, we can't keep this kid out of the pool.

I am so proud of him, this summer he has become such a good swimmer.  He can swim the entire length of our subdivision pool.  He can do front flips and backflips under the water and has even perfected a triple front flip!  He has never had swim lessons and has just done really well working with Jerry.  This is his favorite thing to do.

I am hoping Kate's love for the water is an indication that she will be following in Hayden's footsteps in regards to swimming.  She hates her float because it keeps her out of the water too much, she wants to be in the water up to her shoulders! 

Crazy Hair

Poor baby girl has my curls, no not pretty ringlets, but tight and frizzy curls!  This is what she looks like when I don't do her hair.  Jerry has become embarrassed to take her out in public because her hair is such a wreck and he can't do it.  I used to put pigtails in at night and they would look ok the next morning but she has figured out how to pull those out so that doesn't work anymore. Despite the crazy hair she still is adorable!