Saturday, November 28, 2009

Indian Weenie Roast

In November, we were able to enjoy our first Indian Weenie Roast with Grandpa & Grandma Sims. They have built a fire pit along with log benches down in the woods and love to take the grandkids out there to roast weenies & marshmellows. The boys had so much fun. Katelyn sat with Grandma most of the night and eventually fell asleep all snuggled up. We went through lots of hotdogs and marshmellows as we listened to Grandpa tell stories about the Indians that built this campfire.

Jackson watching the fire

Grandma & Katelyn enjoying the campfire

Crazy cousins

Jack enjoying his first smores of the night (I believe there were about 3 more after this!!)

Smores Time

Jackson also enjoyed the hotdogs

Grandpa & Grandma with the grandkids

This is NOT an easy picture to get!

Trick or Treating

We took the kids trick or treating, but I think Jerry and I had more ambition than they did! After two houses Hayden asked if we could go home (he's not much into wearing a costume!) Jackson had a lot of fun, but got tired pretty quickly.

The boys insisted Katelyn wear the sunglasses because "they matched her costume!"

My three little goblins

Although they didn't last as long as Jerry and I expected- they still came home with plenty of candy!

Carving pumpkins

Jerry and the boys carved one of our pumpkins this year. Jerry let the boys pick the design (of course it was one of the more tedious ones!) Pretty sure Jerry had more fun than the boys.

The boys refused to touch the "icky stuff" and so they resorted to using spoons.

We all had a blast decorating our small pumpkins with Mr. Potato head pieces.

Jerry's finished product

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jackson's Halloween Party

I attended Jackson's Fall party and enjoyed meeting all of his friends. They played several games and had a snack. His teachers were smart, they sent all the sugar home with the kids. He came home with a gallon size bag full of candy! They weren't allowed to wear their costumes. Instead they could dress for their future career. (Jerry had Jack convinced he wanted to be Spiderman when he grows up, so I had to step in a put an end to that!)

His class is all boys

Counting the bats and the pumpkins

Playing a game with fake spiders

Hayden Halloween Party

I attended the Ugly Bug Ball at Hayden's school and had a blast. It was a full 2 1/2 hrs of fun for the kids (and the parents!) They sang songs, played games and ate lots of sugar. And as the name of the event suggests, there was even some dancing with a disco ball and all. The kids were allowed to dance with each other or their parents. I was a proudy Mommy as Hayden chose to dance with me over any of his friends. The last song was "Beauty and the Beast" and I hate to admit it but I felt a tear in my eye as I danced with my little man in my arms, knowing he will not be my little man forever. Just another reason to treasure the moments we are given.

Hayden's class

Hayden and his buddy Micah. Hayden is the biggest kid in his class and Micah is the smallest!

Snack time- there was a table full of sweets and the teachers told them "fill your plates, take as much as you want!"

Then they played games