Thursday, December 30, 2010

My gifts

Jerry and I had decided we weren't getting anything big for each other this year for Christmas.  We got several small things and let the kids pick out a couple things. 

I love drinking coffee out of a cup from Starbucks because they have the perfect lid.  I also love drinking any cold beverage from a straw.  Therefore these were two of my favorite gifts (and my my favorite color too)!

I also got some coffee mugs, a necklace and Cricut software.  But my favorite gift of all were these (they even made me cry!)

For the last two months we have been debating baby girl names.  My name choice has always been Peyton Jean.  However, Jerry was not on board with the name.  We couldn't agree on any names but continued to throw out suggestions.  I wasn't stressing about it because I knew we still had a couple months to agree.  I was shocked that he had finally agreed to my name.  I was just as shocked that he had ordered these personalized bloomers just like the ones I got Katelyn before she was born.  And the most shocking part is, the boys have known about it and didn't once spill the secret of their baby sister's name! 

Don't I have the most wonderful husband ever!

Christmas Morning

Thankfully, our Christmas morning didn't start until 7:30am.  Hayden was the first up and ran to our room after checking to see what Santa had brought.  We then went and woke the other two up.  Santa brought the boys a Wii and they were thrilled! 

He brought Kate a tricycle.

After going through all that Santa had brought, we opened the rest of our presents.

While I was making monkey bread for breakfast, I caught Kate cleaning off Santa's plate of the crumbs he had left!

Christmas Eve

And once again, Christmas Eve did not go as planned at our house.  No major issues, just didn't do all the "family" things I had planned.  We attended Christmas Eve service.  This is the one service a year our kids attend with us (they typically go to Sunday School while we go to service) And let me tell you, it's one time a year too many!  That was the longest 75 minutes ever!  I had brought snacks for Katelyn so she was fine.  I just hadn't planned on the boys needing snacks.  Jackson continued to steal Kate's cereal which caused her to scream and smack him.  After 10 min of singing, the Praise leader told us to shake hands with those around us to which Jack states out loud "Good, it's time to go!"  I knew we were in for it from there.  Finally, communion had arrived.  At this point, I have Jack and Kate at the back of the church due to prior commotion.  When they handed the tray to me, Jack states in his "not so whispering voice" "Is that a kind I would like?"  The server tried to hide his smile!  Later another server stopped to see if they had got me and I told him yes to which Jack again loudly states "What Mom, you don't want another one?"  We survived Christmas Eve service and are trying not to think about what next year's service will be like with 4 kids! 

This was the best picture I could get before church.  Thanks for cooperating Hayden!

After service we had pizza and our birthday cake for Jesus.  We opened a couple gifts.  Of course, they got their traditional pajamas and this year we decided to give them a few other gifts because it seems Christmas morning can sometimes be rushed at our house as we head out of town.

They also opened their Paper Jams which were a huge hit. 

Wrapping Night

This has been the year of procrastination.  I ALWAYS have my presents wrapped several weeks before Christmas.  Not this year- I was still buying gifts on the 23rd!  It has become a tradition for Jerry and I to stay up late one night wrapping all the kids' gifts together.  I love that he wants to help, even if his wrapping skills leave a little to be desired (the kids don't seem to mind!)  Well this year our wrapping night was the 23rd and it didn't start until 11:00 when Jerry got home from work.  It lasted until 2am and I was exhausted! 

While he was at work that night, the kids and I had our wrapping night.  They each wrapped their gift for each other and their gift for Dad. 

Kate even got in some practice with the scissors!

But decided she preferred putting stickers all over herself!

And after wrapping, we finished the night with a movie night.  All snuggled up to watch Veggie Tale Christmas.

Our tree

Many years ago, I had envisioned my perfect Christmas tree.  It was a tall skinny tree with all white lights, big silver bow on top, silver ribbon wrapped all around like garland and only red and silver balls adorning the tree.  Well this tree has never come to pass, we started collecting keepsake ornaments the first year we were married and since adding three kids to the mix, our keepsake ornaments have expanded greatly.  I am still not a fan of the colored lights (hubby's choice) but I love the rest of it.  I love all the memories our tree holds from our first year together, the kids first Christmases, Jerry's love of the Chiefs, my love of coffee and the extra special handmade ornaments.  It's definately not perfect- but it's ours!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Better late than never!  My kids finally were able to see Santa today.  We wanted a picture of all three with Santa but apparently when you aren't buying the over-priced pictures they don't want to spend much time for you- so this was all we got! 

Jackson asked for a pillow pet and a Flash action figure.  Hayden asked for a Wii.  They both received a letter from Santa today in the mail and were so excited.  He assured them the elves had been busy working to complete all the toys they wanted.  

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Program

Tonight was Jackson's Christmas program at Little Angels Learning Center.  All the kids did a wonderful job, it is so fun watching all the personalities!  Jackson had a speaking line and did perfect- I was so proud of him. 

Jackson and his teacher Mrs. Cornick- we love her!

Jack and his best buddy Gabe- these two are wild boys. Thankfully they are not in the same class.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Some of us where more excited than others to see snow falling yesterday.  We didn't get enough to amount to anything however we had some drifting from the horrible winds.  I fought the boys all afternoon to not go outside.  They finally won!  How could I argue when they informed me they would "bungle" up!  I looked out to find them shoveling the yard and some sidewalk.  They were having fun and its hard to argue with that- even if it's only 10 degrees outside!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


We spent this cold weekend inside only leaving for church today.  The boys and I made Christmas cookies on Saturday.  As you can tell from the pictures, I feel frosting is overrated.  I actually prefer the cookies without frosting and not to mention it makes the process goes much more quickly!  I know, I know this is sad because I have many fond memories of afternoons spent with my sisters and cousins frosting Christmas cookies.  I am sure when the kids get older I will let them frost them.  But for now- they are just as content to add sprinkles!

We also pulled out the playdoh and to my surprise- it entertained them for 2 1/2 hours!  Its amazing when they don't play with it for a while how intrigued they are with it again.

And the best part- for those 2 1/2 hours there was no fighting, rough housing or jumping on the furniture! Just lots of smiles, creativity and sharing- I love it!