Friday, December 30, 2011

Special people

We were blessed to spend time with lots of people we love this Christmas.  Not only did we see our cousins and Grandma and Grandpa Sims, we also saw Great Aunt Dorothy and Great Grandma.

Our Christmas Morning

Unlike a typical Christmas morning, my kids actually slept in for our Christmas morning.  That happens when you have had 2 fun filled days with your cousins and traveled to Abilene in back.  Mommy and Daddy were tired too so we were very pleased no one woke up until after 8:00! 

I loved watching this little miss with all the paper

These were the boxes the boys couldn't wait to tear into (and we made them wait until last of course!)

It was such a nice relaxing "Christmas" morning in our house.  It was nice to not be rushed to leave the house and just be able to take our time opening our gifts and enjoying time as a family.

I was so excited to give Kate her first Cabbage Patch doll.  Her name is Apple Sohia and her birthday is 2 days after Kate's!  I really wanted to find one that looked like her but brown curly hair and blue eyes is not a popular combo!

I didn't realize how many pics of the girls I took and how few I got of the boys!  They were sitting close to me so it was tough to get good pics!

Our Christmas Eve

Since we were gone on the actual Christmas Eve, we came home on Sunday night and let the kids open one gift from us.  It is our tradition they open their new pajamas on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning

"Sid thes presis to Zach Millers
Merry Christmas!"

This is the note Hayden left for Santa on our fireplace so he would know where to deliver presents on Christmas morning.  I am glad to say that Santa knew exactly where to find my kids, even if we weren't at home.
(I promise they both love their DS' even if one doesn't appear to!)

Kate was thrilled with the stocking stuffers!

Peyton got this cute lion walking toy

Kate got a whole trunk full of princess dress up clothes

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve

For the first time in 6 years we spent Christmas eve with the Sims family.  My sisters and I have lots of wonderful memories spent with my Dad's family on Christmas eve and we carried on the tradition after we were married.  However, once kids came along Jerry and I decided we wanted to be in our own house on Christmas morning.  The way the holiday fell this year it worked best for us to go to Abilene on Christmas Eve.  We spent the whole day eating, laughing, unwrapping presents, playing games and enjoying family.  It was a wonderful day!

The scarf and umbrella I gave Lola were a hit

Cousin time is the best!

Unwrapping gifts with 11 kids can get a little crazy

Grandpa & Grandma give all the kids pj's for Christmas and then every year we try to get a get a picture of all the kids together.  This year it seemed less crazy than usual

After taking several pictures we realized we were missing Kate and Lola!  Oops- guess that happens when there are 11 grandkids!

We had a fabulous Christmas Eve and a beautiful candlelight ceremony at church

Friday, December 23, 2011


This little miss rode in her big girl carseat for the first time

And this big girl got her first haircut

9 months

So I have gotten Santa hat pics with all my kids and thought those would be the perfect 9 month pics for Miss Peyton.  Obviously she had other ideas!!  She will not keep anything on her head- which is the reason you don't see her wearing all the adorable hair pretties that Kate did at this age. 

Even with no Santa hat or hair pretties- you still are adorable!  You have definately grown and are eating very well.  You love all your baby food- we haven't found one you won't eat yet! You still love your Mommy alot but are getting better with Daddy.  You continue to get a lot of attention especially from your big sister.  She constantly makes sure you are taken care of and have everything you need including lots of stuffed animals and blankets!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Small Group

Seven years ago we were invited to join a small group at church.  We never imagined how it would change our lives.  It was one of the best decisions we have made.  Over those years our group has changed numerous times.  Five years ago we were asked to lead our own group.  With hesitation we accepted, and again God has blessed our efforts.  Our closest friends are all people that either are in our group now or couples from past groups.  These are the people we do life with.  They have been here for us in so many ways over the years. 

Last weekend our group went to Bucca di Beppo for dinner for our Christmas party.  We had a great time evening of adult time. This picture hung on the wall by our table.

We also had a white elephant gift exchange.  The hot item was a 1978 handheld football game.  Mike and Amy were lucky enough to take home the Off candle set that Jerry and I gave.

Thanks to all these wonderful couples for all you do for us. Its so great to be able to share life you.