Thursday, January 28, 2010

11 Months Old

One month away from a year old- it is so hard to believe. I love to watch you interact with your brothers- you think they are SO funny! You still hate bathtime and green vegtables. You continue to love your fruit and are eating more table food. You didn't get anymore teeth this month.

Your eyes sparkle when you smile baby girl. Your smile can light up a room (at least at our house!) Your giggles are one of my favorite sounds. And you just keep getting cuter each day. We can't imagine our lives without you.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Broken heart

I got my first phone call today from a very broken hearted little boy. His best buddy from preschool, Micah, has moved away. Then his other buddy CJ said he is not Hayden's best friend anymore and didn't want to sit by Hayden. Hayden called me and said he is not going back to school!

Kids can be so mean and Hayden is so tender hearted. I know this is just the first time of many that my kids hearts will be broken, although I don't think the pain will get any less for me as a Mom to watch them. Kids are resilient and I'm hoping by Tuesday he will be ready to go back.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


We took the boys bowling for the first time today. It was so much fun. Jerry wasn't able to bowl because of his wrist, so he helped coach the boys! I hadn't bowled in years and pretty sure I had my personal best game at 143. Hayden scored 82 and Jackson 66- not bad for their first time.

I loved watching Jackson's excitement each time he would knock a pin down.

Daddy spent a lot of his time with this little cutie

Katelyn was such a good spectator

What a great time- can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The day after.....

The boys were so disappointed that the top 2 balls fell off their snowman last night they insisted on rebuilding it themselves today. Hayden was so proud of it he came in and got my camera and took this picture himself!


Dad and the boys made their first ever snowman yesterday. The boys had so much fun coming up with creative ideas for eyes, nose and mouth. They were very sad to wake up this morning and see the warmer temps had melted part of their snowman.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Favorite Outfit

So I come home from work last night wearing my khaki pants, black long sleeve tshirt and white puffer vest. Jackson walks up to me and stares at me very inquisitively and then replies "Mommy, you look really good in that!"

That's my little man. I now have a new favorite outfit!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Caught up

I am finally caught up on my blogging!!! And in 2010 I vow to stay on track. So in all my excitement, I had to post pics just taken this weekend!


So with winter comes the joys of coats, hats, gloves, boots, etc. This winter has been especially brutal so there has been lots of bundling up.

Luckily for Katelyn, she even looks cute in her winter gear because she has spent a lot of time in it this winter.

Along with all this winter, has come alot of work. Jerry has graciously shoveled, and shoveled and shoveled some more.

Our mailbox

And of course, there has been lots of playing in the snow

Hayden is definately more of a fan of the snow than Jackson is


I love watching her sleep, all cuddled up with her teddy bear

I love to snuggle her after her bath

If only I looked this cute in my jammies!!

New Years Eve Snow

We have gotten more snow this year than I ever remember getting. I took the boys out on New years eve to play in it and they had so much fun. It was only about 10 degrees so we only lasted an hour.

All bundled up

Luke even joined in the fun

Hayden throwing a snowball at me

We tried to get Luke to pull the boys on the sled but he only wanted to play

Sims Family Christmas

We went to Abilene in the afternoon on Christmas Day and spent it with my family. Of course pictures are pretty tough to get in this chaos- 9 kid all unwrapping gifts.

Hayden got an Eli Manning jersey from Aunt Annie and was very excited

Jackson and Rylee both put on Spiderman bandaids on their foreheads that day and wore them all day long!

Aunt Sarah trying to gain a little control

Grandpa Sims made all the kids toy trucks

Grandma Sims made all the girls sweaters and the boys hats. Katelyn got her first purse from Aunt Annie and a little people van from Aunt Sarah- both are a hit.

Christmas Morning

Hayden was the first one up this year at 5:00am! We convinced him to come into our bed but he had already seen what Santa had brought and was so excited his mouth ran nonstop until 6:00 when we finally let him wake Jackson up.

Santa brought Katelyn a princess rocking horse

Along with a stocking filled with books and her own pink phone

All the gifts were great, but she still needed her bottle

Santa brought the boys Vsmile Pockets and large electronic nerf guns

After we looked at all of the Santa presents, they opened their presents from us.

Christmas Eve

We went to Christmas Eve service at church and then came home and they were each allowed to open 3 gifts- their ornament, jammies, and a book. Our tradition is to get an ornament each year that represents your interest at that time.

Of course Katelyn much preferred the paper!

Jackson and his spiderman ornament

Hayden opening his Eli Manning ornament

Everyone is their new jammies

The last thing we did was pick out 3 cookies for Santa, milk and hot chocolate (he had specifically requested hot chocolate)

My boys

Most people thought we were crazy when we decided to another baby within 19 months of our first, but we knew what we were doing then and now almost 4 years later, we still agree that was one of the best decisions we made. It is so much fun watching these two boys grow up together. They have very different personalities, but yet they compliment each other so well.

Jackson is definately the silly one of the two

Hayden is my sweet, tender hearted one
Because I have a brother, I will always have a friend

I can't wait to continue to watch this friendship grow