Tuesday, February 23, 2010


As we work to teach our kids about prayer, we now have a very serious prayer request to bring to the Throne that Hayden relates to very well.  His classmate, Dalton, was diagnosed with a rapidly growing cancerous tumor in his leg.  They indicate it is the size of a baseball, which is hard to imagine because this little boy is so tiny.  My heart breaks for his parents as I can't even comprehend what they are going through right now.  Hayden has been very concerned about Dalton and asked me if we could add Dalton's name to one of our sticks in our prayer pail. 

I was given the idea of a prayer pail from a great friend (thanks Amy!) and it has worked great in our house.  We have a different prayer item listed on each stick and at dinner time we all take a stick and pray for that item.  Hayden (being a creature of habit) tends to dig through the bucket to find the same stick each evening!  Jackson's prayers go like this "God is great, God is good, thank for ________(fill in with whatever is on the stick) Amen"

And so, we have added Dalton's name to our prayer pail.  I ask that you lift him and his family up as they struggle to comprehend all of this.  There are so many questions I have for God on that day that I meet Him in the sky.  We will likely never know why this side of Heaven, but I know He has a plan and is control, no matter how desperate the situation seems. 

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray now that you would be with Dalton and his parents Jeff & Missy as they begin down this road.  Lord, I know they are full of questions and fear.  I pray that you would put your loving arms around this family and let them feel your presence.  Lord, please give the doctors wisdom as they treat this precious little boy.  I pray that you will bring their family through this trial and that through it all you would be glorified. 


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Boys will be Boys

Growing up in a house of all girls, I was never aware of what went on when there were boys in a house.  One of the many things I have learned, is that wrestling is fun- it doesn't mean they are fighting or mad, it actually means they love each other?!   This has become a common scene in our house.  Tonight I heard Hayden say "Bring it on little fellow" to which Jackson responds "Bring it on idiot brother!" And yet no matter how often I see it, it continues to amaze me how quickly they go from this...........

to this.....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Perfect Fit

I LOVE this shirt- it fits Katelyn perfectly (not in size in what it says!)

Her phone really makes her smile (wonder if she is going take after her mom???)
Life is great, I am happy
All smiles, all the time



Family Day

We all had yesterday off for President's day and were able to enjoy a great day together.  We took the kids bowling, played games and took advantage of some extra snuggle time!


The boys love building with their tinkertoys and I love to watch their imaginations hard at work as they build- there is so much concentration at times.
And sometimes Katelyn even joins in the fun!


Sleep.....no matter how you get it, we all need it! 

Some kids sleep with a stuffed animal, not Jackson he sleeps with his Spiderman vehicles. 

Katelyn fell asleep drinking her bottle and still managed to keep the holding onto her bottle.

Valentine's Day

This year Valentine's Day brought homemade valentines boxes, homemade valentines, school parties and one adorable little sister!

I was able to attend Hayden's valentine's party at preschool.  The kids had so much fun passing out their valentines and then enjoying an entire buffet of junk food (and a veggie tray!)  Look at that plate!
What says "Happy Valentine's Day" more than baseball (at least to my little baseball fan!) Hayden had by far the most masculine valentine's box in the class!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh the Things They Will Say

I love to listen to the kids talk, I love their innocense and honesty.

Hayden: "I don't want to go to heaven"
Jackson:  "Cuz you don't like to fly, right Bubba"

Jackson "Bubba is wearing my pajama"
Mom "Can't you just let him wear them for tonight?"
Jackson "No he will pee in them!"
Mom "Ok, tell you what if he pees in them he will get in trouble"
Jackson "Yeah and he will have to stay in his room for the rest of his life, right Mom"
Hayden "Man that is a long time!"

Hayden "Mom, is my hair a wreck?"
Mom: "No, it looks good"
Hayden "That's cuz I didn't sleep in today!"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Under Control?

So it's my first evening home by myself due to Jerry's new job. I felt pretty good- everyone got baths, we played games, dishes done, load of laundry done and everyone is now is bed. I walk out of the bedrooms to relax thinking I have it all under control only to see this

This is NOT allowed and he knows it. He definately pushes it when Jerry is not here. Although I have to say I love his company now that the kids are asleep. He offers me security (and the need to buy stock in lint brushes!!!)

Living in a Boys World

Jackson decided to help Katelyn out by giving her as many cars as she could hold. Funny thing is she actually really likes the cars!