Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kate's program

Kate had her first school program on Thursday night.  She has been practicing her three songs A LOT lately although when she got up on stage she apparently forgot all the words to the first song or had stage fright!  Although she did give us lots of big smiles and waves.  Her class sang 'You Are My Sunshine' and 'Take me out the the Ballgame' and they all sang the ABC's toghether.  Kate decided to take a bow at the end (she was the only one!)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Life has been super crazy busy here.  I realized a few days ago that I couldn't remember the last time I had taken any pictures.  This is not like me.  So I made sure I took some pics since then.  We did a little planting this past weekend.  And as you can imagine I had lots of help.

When the boys saw me taking pictures of them digging they wanted to "pose" for me!  Only boys!

Kate also enjoyed lots of bubbles.  (sorry about the outfit Aunt Annie- Daddy dressed her!)

This little miss has become a night owl lately and we find her like this a lot

The toothfairy is going broke around here- four lost teeth in two weeks.  Trying to get pics of missing teeth is not easy!

Jackson has been reading a lot recently and is really excelling.  I love to see him read and enjoy it!

Tonight was pedicure night at our house.  Peyton got her first pedicure.  I just love these little toes.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This is how I have been feeling lately

I have been really struggling with this

Which is why I am reading this book for the second time
I highly recommend this book.  It is so good.  Here is one of my favorite parts

and when I finish this one, here is the next book on my list

And to go against all I am learning about contentment....I really want this for Mother's Day!

Obviously I should spend more time reading my book rather than searching the internet for things I want!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Minus One

Jackson has been very anxious to lose a tooth ever since Hayden started collecting money with all his missing teeth.  He has had a lose tooth but we haven't heard much about it.  Tonight we were eating dinner and he took a bite of his corn on the cob and he said "My mouth hurts"  He opens to show me and his tooth is gone.  I got all excited and he got a little scared.  I felt in his mouth and it wasn't there so I asked him if he swallowed it and he said he thought he had.  I then looked at his ear of corn and there it was- stuck between two kernals! 

He was a little scared and didn't like seeing the little blood that was there.  He decided he wasn't going to finish eating so I promised him a Mommy and Jack ice cream date after karate.  He wanted to call Zach cause who else do you call when you have exciting news but your favorite cousin!  I didn't hear both sides of the conversation, but one response Jack gave him was "it was a plain white one!"  I guess that is opposed to all his other teeth- I am not sure!  He then informed Aunt Sarah that he wants the tooth fairy to bring $10 (sorry to disappoint but this tooth fairy only leaves $1 and a pack of gum!)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cousin weekend

Last month Zach and Rylee came and spent the weekend with us.  The kids miss their cousins so much so this is a great opportunity for us to spend extra time with them.  Friday night the boys had a birthday party to go to and super nice mom said Zach could attend too.  So Friday night I took all 6 kids to Paradise Park, expecting it to be a drop off party- not so much!  Instead we end up staying all 3 hours!   The kids did great especially considering how tired all the girls were.  Of course Hayden hit the jackpot on one game and got over 200 tickets which in turn means the always painful experience of picking out over priced prizes was prolonged even more!  At one point, Kate puts her half fininshed ice cream bowl in my purse, we lost her ones in the arcade, Rylee had one meltdown missing her mommy and Peyton peed out her diaper all over my khaki pants!!!  Sarah was laughing when I called her to talk to Rylee and told her about our night and was still laughing.  She wouldn't have been laughing- I am a LITTLE more laid back than her:) 

Saturday was Jackson's birthday party, so we had two hours of fun at t Party Dome.  Then Jerry took the boys to the NAIA basketball tournament that was in town.  They were there all day and didn't get home until 8:00 that night.  All the boys came home with numerous ballloon animals and hats.  We took the kids to church with us.  It was our Sunday to teach Sunday school so the boys went to Clubhouse for 2nd service. 
Zach:  "Mom, their church is the best.  You go and eat donuts, then you go to recess, then you play Wii and you never even have to go to church!"
This made me smile- glad it left a good impression!  The kids came home and played outside Sunday afternoon until we had to take them back to meet Sarah and Dusty.  It was so much fun having them here.  We are planning to have Annie's kids down this summer and Hayden and Jack are planning to go stay a week in Abilene this summer.  I love all the memories these cousins are making together. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jackson's birthday party

Jackson celebrated his 6th birthday with a laser tag party.  The boys all had a blast and I had no stress other than to make cupcakes!  This was nice after all that went into the girls' party the weekend before.  They got to play unlimited video games and 3 games of laser tag. Two parents even got to play because we could have up to 10 playing.  Poor Jerry wore white so he was an easy target!

The birthday kids gets to write their name on the wall

The kids all had a great time.  It was so much fun watching these boys go after each other.