Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby gift

I finally finished my baby gift for a girl I work with.  Good thing, considering she is less than 2 weeks from her due date! 

Now Baby Lilly can come!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Best Husband

I have the best husband.  He had planned to cook hamburgers on the grill tonight.  Unfortunately, he put them on the grill about 2 minutes before the downpour hit- but that didn't stop him.  And they were so yummy!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Latest project

I worked last week on Lola's birthday gift.  I was so excited with how it turned out, plus I had so much fun making it.  She looked adorable in it, I'll have to get a picture of her from Annie.  There will definately be more tutu's in my future because I have at least one more niece who already put in her request for her birthday!
Isn't she adorable!!!!


We spent Saturday in Abilene for Lola's birthday party.  The boys were very excited to go swimming at the Abilene pool.  They had so much fun with their cousins.  I forgot my camera Saturday night so my pictures are limited to the pool!  We headed back home Sunday and as you can see it was a long weekend for everyone.

(and Hayden couldn't figure out why his neck hurt when we got home!)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

How true

You Might Be a Mommy If . . .

By Leslie Wilson

- Every shirt you own has spit-up on the shoulder.

- Must-see TV includes Barney, Arthur and Disney Playhouse.

- You carry a diaper bag instead of a purse.

- You analyze babies’ bodily functions with women you just met.

- “Sleeping in” is when the clock reads 6:30 a.m.

- You never go anywhere without baby wipes.

- You sleep with a baby monitor a foot away from your head.

- With each subsequent child, you’ve progressed from sterilizing the pacifier to washing it off to blowing on it, invoking the three-second rule.

- Your children are better dressed than you.

- You used to be known by your first name - now you’re Jordan’s mommy.

- You store five sizes of clothes in your closet.

- You call your husband on his cell phone in order to have a real conversation with him.

- You go to bed at 12:30 a.m. and get up at 5:00 a.m., thankful for the extra sleep.

- Excitement means Pampers are on sale.

- You consider PBJs and Cheetos a nutritious meal.

- You can change from lounging-sweats casual to night-on-the-town glamorous in three-and-a-half minutes.

- “Doing lunch” means meeting three friends and their preschoolers at the McDonald’s Playplace.

- Hearing the words, “I’m done,” from the bathroom sends chills up your spine.

- You own more Disney movies than pairs of shoes.

- You can pee with three children watching you - and only two are yours.

- You spend more on babysitters than you do on utilities.

- If you were trapped for days in your car, you could survive on the Cheerios and french fries on your floorboards.

- You can tell what your daughter ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner by looking at the front of her T-shirt.

- You willingly hug and kiss a kid who has sticky fingers, sweat-drenched hair and a milk mustache.

- You’re overworked, overcommitted and underappreciated - and you wouldn’t trade your life for anything in the world.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Breakfast Picnic

When I was a little girl, we had a tradition every summer my Grandma Sims would take us on a breakfast picnic. I remember looking so forward to these picnics with her.  So Saturday, we took our first breakfast picnic with our kids.  They had so much and were especially excited about the strawberry and chocolate milk! 


When did my baby get so big?  I went to check on her tonight and found her snuggled up with her baby and looking so big!

Monday, July 12, 2010


So recently Amy posted on facebook a question regarding how many towels a family owns.  I didnt think much of the question until tonight as I was faced with this

AFTER I just folded a whole basket of towels!  How many towels does a family of 5 (one of which uses her own baby towels!) need?  In addition to this pile we have 12 more in the linen closet!  And my next question is- how many people are showering at our house? 

Ahh, the joys of laundry continue......although it sure would go faster with that front load washer/dryer you were talking about Amy!

Outdoor fun

We took advantage of the summer sun and spent all day outside on Saturday.  We started with some sidewalk chalk paint- another great idea from Amy (check out her blog for some great ideas!) The sidewalk chalk paint is equal parts water and cornstarch plus food coloring = hours of fun!  The boys wanted to paint the entire driveway but we ran out of paint.  Kate was so good and stayed in her stroller just watching the boys the whole time.  It was so hot out we decided to run in the sprinkler and fill Kate's baby pool after painting.  . 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Always watching

Wherever the boys go, Kate is always watching them.  She will go anywhere they go.  She especially likes to watch them play outside.  She will babble to them and bang on the glass hoping to get some response.  They typically wave out her every once in a while making her smile even more.
I love the tip toes


......she took her first steps!

Kate has definately not been in a hurry to walk.  She is 16 months old and took her first steps today- she took 5 steps the first time to Jackson.  It's no surprise she walked to Jack first, she adores him.  The dr says she is delayed due to her heart problems, but we are not convinced.  Personally, we think it has more to do with the fact that she loves to be held (and I don't discourage that) and she also has two older brothers who will carry her anywhere she wants to go.  Whatever the reason, she finally did it today!  She is very proud of herself as you can tell- and so am I.  I love you sweet baby girl- you are growing up way too fast!  You will always be my baby!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday

I had a wonderful birthday thanks to my husband, kids, parents and sisters.  We celebrated with a very yummy lemon cake and lots of fireworks (as always!) The boys went shopping at a thrift store for my gift and were incredibly excited about their finds.

The shell jewelry box was from Hayden.  The small bear (broken hand and all!) was from Jackson, although the next day he decided he liked it so much he wanted to take it back! The big bear is a music box and was from all three kids.  It was all they could do to contain their excitement for the week before my birthday because they wanted to give me my gifts so much.  Moments like these make me smile.  It's amazing how special some thrift store trinkets can be when they were picked out in love from two very special little boys.

My sisters totally surprised me with something I have been drooling over for a long time

My parents gave a knitting loom, yarn and a Hobby Lobby gift card.  I have recently started loom knitting and I had the round looms and they gave me the straight loom.  I am so excited to try making a scarf!  Now if only I could have a whole weekend to work on all my craft projects- I would be even more excited!

Jerry ordered me a necklace I had been wanting- I will share pics once it arrives (hopefully any day now!) He also got me a cricut cartridge and hurricane glasses- he knows me so well, three of my favorite things, fun dishes/servingware, jewelry, and crafts!

The worst part of my birthday was when a roman candle exploded in my hand, however I was well taken care of that night with some good burn creams and my hand was healed in no time.  But I didn't let that ruin my wonderful day- thanks to everyone who helped make my day so special.


All 9 cousins were able to spend a fun filled weekend together over the 4th of July.  The kids had a shaving cream fight (something you can only do at Aunt Missy's because the other moms are too uptight for that!) went swimming for several hours, had a sleepover on the living room floor,  went bowling and had lots and lots of laughs.  On top of all this, the kids were able to spend hours together just playing and having fun at our house.  Thanks Millers and Rocks for coming down to see us- we had so much fun and can't wait for everyone to come back again sometime soon!

(that's my kid still awake at 1:00 am!)

4th of July

Good food.


Cheering crowd for the pyros.

We had a great time celebrating the 4th of July at our house with all my family.  There was a lot of food, fun and laughter that lasted late into the night.  We had a lot of fireworks thanks to my husband and Uncle Dusty- the pyros of the family.  I heard there was some negotiating at the fireworks stand (I have taught him well!)