Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10 months old

The day after Christmas, you turned 10 months old. You continue to be such a happy baby. I love the way you get so excited when you see your brothers. You aren't standing up yet but you continue to army crawl. You have started eating so well this month and are finally able to drink out of a sippy (although you still much prefer your bottle!) You are such a snuggler and Mommy loves it. You got sick for the first time right after Christmas, you were diagnosed with H1N1 and an ear infection. You are still a Mommy's girl, but Daddy can sure make you laugh. You still hate bathtime which can be challenging. We have tried everything toys, bubbles, your brothers- and nothing works! Your favorite table food so far is cheese. You get lots of attention when we go places. Everyone comments on your beautiful blue eyes and your chubby cheeks!


  1. Those cheeks! Oh my goodness! I can see why she gets attention where ever you go! :) (You're just blogging like crazy lately! New Year's resolution?)

  2. Man, it seems like she was 9 months old just a couple days ago. Wow! :)