Tuesday, February 23, 2010


As we work to teach our kids about prayer, we now have a very serious prayer request to bring to the Throne that Hayden relates to very well.  His classmate, Dalton, was diagnosed with a rapidly growing cancerous tumor in his leg.  They indicate it is the size of a baseball, which is hard to imagine because this little boy is so tiny.  My heart breaks for his parents as I can't even comprehend what they are going through right now.  Hayden has been very concerned about Dalton and asked me if we could add Dalton's name to one of our sticks in our prayer pail. 

I was given the idea of a prayer pail from a great friend (thanks Amy!) and it has worked great in our house.  We have a different prayer item listed on each stick and at dinner time we all take a stick and pray for that item.  Hayden (being a creature of habit) tends to dig through the bucket to find the same stick each evening!  Jackson's prayers go like this "God is great, God is good, thank for ________(fill in with whatever is on the stick) Amen"

And so, we have added Dalton's name to our prayer pail.  I ask that you lift him and his family up as they struggle to comprehend all of this.  There are so many questions I have for God on that day that I meet Him in the sky.  We will likely never know why this side of Heaven, but I know He has a plan and is control, no matter how desperate the situation seems. 

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray now that you would be with Dalton and his parents Jeff & Missy as they begin down this road.  Lord, I know they are full of questions and fear.  I pray that you would put your loving arms around this family and let them feel your presence.  Lord, please give the doctors wisdom as they treat this precious little boy.  I pray that you will bring their family through this trial and that through it all you would be glorified. 


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  1. Love that you made a prayer pail! So sad about your little friend. Please keep us posted.