Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday

I had a wonderful birthday thanks to my husband, kids, parents and sisters.  We celebrated with a very yummy lemon cake and lots of fireworks (as always!) The boys went shopping at a thrift store for my gift and were incredibly excited about their finds.

The shell jewelry box was from Hayden.  The small bear (broken hand and all!) was from Jackson, although the next day he decided he liked it so much he wanted to take it back! The big bear is a music box and was from all three kids.  It was all they could do to contain their excitement for the week before my birthday because they wanted to give me my gifts so much.  Moments like these make me smile.  It's amazing how special some thrift store trinkets can be when they were picked out in love from two very special little boys.

My sisters totally surprised me with something I have been drooling over for a long time

My parents gave a knitting loom, yarn and a Hobby Lobby gift card.  I have recently started loom knitting and I had the round looms and they gave me the straight loom.  I am so excited to try making a scarf!  Now if only I could have a whole weekend to work on all my craft projects- I would be even more excited!

Jerry ordered me a necklace I had been wanting- I will share pics once it arrives (hopefully any day now!) He also got me a cricut cartridge and hurricane glasses- he knows me so well, three of my favorite things, fun dishes/servingware, jewelry, and crafts!

The worst part of my birthday was when a roman candle exploded in my hand, however I was well taken care of that night with some good burn creams and my hand was healed in no time.  But I didn't let that ruin my wonderful day- thanks to everyone who helped make my day so special.

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