Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Christmas Morning

Unlike a typical Christmas morning, my kids actually slept in for our Christmas morning.  That happens when you have had 2 fun filled days with your cousins and traveled to Abilene in back.  Mommy and Daddy were tired too so we were very pleased no one woke up until after 8:00! 

I loved watching this little miss with all the paper

These were the boxes the boys couldn't wait to tear into (and we made them wait until last of course!)

It was such a nice relaxing "Christmas" morning in our house.  It was nice to not be rushed to leave the house and just be able to take our time opening our gifts and enjoying time as a family.

I was so excited to give Kate her first Cabbage Patch doll.  Her name is Apple Sohia and her birthday is 2 days after Kate's!  I really wanted to find one that looked like her but brown curly hair and blue eyes is not a popular combo!

I didn't realize how many pics of the girls I took and how few I got of the boys!  They were sitting close to me so it was tough to get good pics!

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