Monday, March 14, 2011

Bowling Party

This time of the year is soon to become known as "the birthday season" (thanks Jessi!) at our house.  Katelyn on Feb 26, Jackson Mar 17, Jerry Mar 24 and somewhere in there Miss Peyton will have a birthday as well!  The good news is our birthday season falls right around tax return season and this is a good thing because birthdays can get expensive!  So a mere two weeks after our Chuck E Cheese adventure, we had a bowling party for Jackson and his friends.

The kids had a lot of fun- bowling, playing arcade games, pizza, and of course cake and ice cream! I was tired at the end but it was also SO nice to not have to clean up the mess!  Jackson had so much fun and when I asked him his favorite part he responded "Everything! Well and opening presents!" Gotta love his honesty.  He hit the jackpot with his gifts combining his two biggest passions- Spiderman and art! 

Jackson & his best buddy Gabe

The whole gang (and a few extra siblings that joined us!)

Jack and his buddy Johnny

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