Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I have always been very clear that I want my boys to be clean cut boys.  I don't like their hair to get long and I like them to dress nice.  Well over the last almost 7 years I have learned to let go (a little!) I have learned boys aren't always going to dress in nice clothes and when they do they probably are going to complain.  Boys don't care if their clothes are clean or if they match. 

So when Hayden approached me with the idea of a green mohawk my automatic response was "no!" Well he then did what most any kid would do and went and asked his Dad.  Jerry then somehow convinced me it would be ok.  I decided that a crazy haircut like this isn't something you just give away- he would have to earn it.  So I made him a deal that at his next baseball game if he hit it into the outfield he could have a mohawk.  Jackson then caught onto the idea and wanted the same deal made with him.  So I agreed.  Zach then heard Hayden was getting a mohawk and he decided he wanted one.  Now let's just say it took A LOT more convincing to get Sarah to agree.  She even made Zach hit 3 balls into the outfield (secretly hoping he wouldn't do it!)  He did.  Hayden and Jack both their goals as well.  So it was now haircut time.  Jackson went first and loved his.  He was so super excited to show off his mohawk.  When we washed his hair that night he kept feeling it and asking if it was still there.  I am pretty sure he was afraid it was going to wash away. Hayden then had a change of heart and chickened out.  No mohawk for him.

Since two of the four boys cousins had Mohawks for the 4th of July we felt it was a great time to convince Westy to get one too.  It didn't take much convincing.

Hayden still didn't give into the peer pressure.  The kid who started the whole idea of a Mohawk was the only one without one!

I am pleased to report Jack's hair grew out really quickly.  We cut it up once for him but now have told him we need to grow it back like normal for his first day of kindergarten.  I would hate to send him to meet his teacher with a crazy spiked up mohawk- she may definately get a wrong first impression of my sweet little boy.

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