Friday, January 6, 2012

Day off

I had the day off with my girls yesterday.  Kate had speech in the morning and then we decided to go visit one of our favorite people, Jessi.  I have known Jessi for over 7 yrs and she become one of my best friends.  She has such a genuine heart and has been there for me through many ups and downs.  She developed a special relationship with Kate early on as she kept her the first month I went back to work.  To this day, Kate loves Jessi and always runs to go give her hugs.  Jessi has 5 kids and her youngest is in kindergarten so she enjoys loving on my babies.  It is so nice to have people in your life who love your kids not because they have to but because they want to.  Jessi is such a great role model for both me and my girls.

We came home in time to enjoy a little bit of the 65 degree weather in January!  And once the boys got home, we had ice cream sundaes (which will always get a "You're the best mom ever!" comment in this house) 

And then we skyped with our cousins (loving Skype!!!) We had a basketball game at 6:45.  45 min before we need to leave neither boy can find their uniform and I am feeding Peyton.  So I ask Hayden to take over feeding Peyton and I will look for their uniforms.  I tear the house apart to no avail.  I stopped and calmed down and prayed.  Good thing I did because right after that I hear a 'Mom' (you know the kind you know something is wrong you just are scared to go see???)  I walk out to see Peyton covered from head to toe in baby food mixed vegtables!  Apparently Hayden got tired of feeding her and walked off leaving the baby food on her tray:)  So I of course go to grab my camera to which Hayden replies, "Seriously, you are taking pictures at a time like this!"  (seriously is his new catch phrase!) 

Good news is- uniforms were found.  Peyton got a bath and no longer smells like mixed veggies.  We were on time to the game.  And the boys remain undefeated!!!!  Bad news is- NOTHING got done at my house.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow.  At least for today, I put relationships first!

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  1. Oh Melissa, what a good laugh! I love reading your blog!