Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last day of school

Where has this year gone???  I can't believe today is the last day of school.  I remember the first day like it was last week!  The boys were very excited and are ready for the break.  I was able to go eat lunch with them today.  They decided they wanted hotdogs and ice cream sundaes for dinner tonight to celebrate the start of summer.  This years goodbye's were more difficult because Jackson's AMAZING  teacher is moving to another school after 15 years here.  She is doing this for her son to be in his district and as a parent I understand but its hard.  We had talked numerous times about how she would be the kindergarten teacher for my girls.  I wish her the best of luck- Trailridge is one lucky school! I am  hopeful that Jackson will have Hayden's teacher next year so I hope to be seeing her again soon.  I started "Oh the Places you will go" books for each of the boys and reading what the teachers wrote made me cry.  Jerry assures me the boys will not like these books when they graduate and I don't care because they are special to me.  If they don't want them I will keep them!  My kids have had awesome teachers and I like to remember them.  And of course what is the last day of school withou pictures!

This was Mrs. Pruitt's teacher appreciation gift (a week late!) She loved it- thank you Pinterest for yet another awesome idea.  Making one for our house is on my summer list!

This is Jackson with his best buddies.  These boys are so fun to watch together.  And funny thing is I just found out last week that Keelan's (red shirt)  dad is Neil Smith (ex- Chief's player for those non sports fans)!  How crazy is that!!! 

So goodbye to another school  year- bring on summer!!!


  1. I'm doing the books for the kids/teachers, too! I chose a different book, though. I also went ahead and taped an envelope inside the front cover with a note that says it is saved for a note from Mom and Dad. :)

    Love the giant P you made his teacher! So fun! And so jealous that you are done! Another week here...

    1. Love the idea for a note from Mom & Dad! May have to copy that one:) Hang in there on your last week!