Saturday, June 30, 2012

Monarch's last game

This morning was Jack's final game of the summer season.  I love watching baseball but after two months of lots of games and practices and here lately 100 degree heat I am ready for the break.  Jack had a migraine last night and I had hoped he would wake up with it gone but it didn't work that way.  Poor guy felt terrible- barfing and the whole thing.  My nurse friend had told me to try Mountain Dew next time so we gave him a 20 oz Mountain Dew (doesn't that go against everything you tell your kids!)  He really wanted to play but just felt miserable.  We got to the fields and he told his coach he wanted to play so they started him at catcher so he would be in the shade and didn't even make him wear the helmet.  The caffiene started to kick in and by 2nd inning he was back at first base.  He had his best catch of the season.  He caught a fly ball while jumping for it and turning- he was so proud and so was I!  

Jack's coach is my best friend's husband and he is amazing with the kids.  He has been coaching baseball for over 10 years and not only knows the game but also how to teach the kids.  We are super excited because next year he is putting together a team of boys from both of our boys teams so starting in fall the boys will be on the same baseball team- at least for now!  I am not resting up for Hayden's 1:00 game with highs over 100 degrees!

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