Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Busy Birthday

Well your 4th birthday sure was a busy one, Jackson.  You requested cinnamon rolls for breakfast, so we started the day with singing happy birthday with candles in your cinnamon rolls.

Then it was off to school with your birthday treats, where you got to where this cool crown all morning long!

After school, we picked up Gabe and took you guys to McDonalds for lunch and then bowling.  You guys all had so much fun. 

And finally, we finished your birthday at home where you opened your gift from us.  You were so excited to get a Batcave.  You and Hayden played with it all evening.  For your birthday dinner, you chose chocolate chip pancakes and then requested we put candles in them and sing to you again. And so we did!  Wow what a busy day and full of lots of sugar!  Hope you had a fabulous birthday sweet boy.

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