Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well our trip home this weekend did not go exactly as planned.  While we were driving home I got a call from my sister saying that Dad was on his way to the emergency room because a tree had fallen on him while he was cutting wood.  We met him at the ER and found out he had a compound fracture in his ankle.  He was in a lot of pain, but continued to keep his sense of humor.  He was really upset that the nurses had cut his "good" jeans and his boot off!  He was transported to Manhattan where he underwent surgery Saturday night and they put a plate and screws in his ankle.  He was released on Sunday but remains in a lot of pain.

He is still getting the hang of walking with crutches and it makes him very mad that he has to wear sweatpants, he is on a mission to find jeans he can wear!  Opening day of turkey season is April 14th and he is determined to get a turkey this year on his property.  He has even asked my stepmom to put camo on his crutches so he can out and watch the turkeys to see their path (or something like that!)   This would be even funnier if I thought he wasn't serious about it!

He is on crutches for 4-6 weeks and will then be in a walking cast.  It is his right leg so it will be quite a while before he should be driving. Please keep him in your prayers.  Depending on other people to help him out is driving him crazy.  He has never been down like this before and is determined this is not going to keep him down.  I pray that his leg will heal quickly and that he will listen to what the doctors tell him to do.

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