Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Minus One

Jackson has been very anxious to lose a tooth ever since Hayden started collecting money with all his missing teeth.  He has had a lose tooth but we haven't heard much about it.  Tonight we were eating dinner and he took a bite of his corn on the cob and he said "My mouth hurts"  He opens to show me and his tooth is gone.  I got all excited and he got a little scared.  I felt in his mouth and it wasn't there so I asked him if he swallowed it and he said he thought he had.  I then looked at his ear of corn and there it was- stuck between two kernals! 

He was a little scared and didn't like seeing the little blood that was there.  He decided he wasn't going to finish eating so I promised him a Mommy and Jack ice cream date after karate.  He wanted to call Zach cause who else do you call when you have exciting news but your favorite cousin!  I didn't hear both sides of the conversation, but one response Jack gave him was "it was a plain white one!"  I guess that is opposed to all his other teeth- I am not sure!  He then informed Aunt Sarah that he wants the tooth fairy to bring $10 (sorry to disappoint but this tooth fairy only leaves $1 and a pack of gum!)

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