Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Day at the K

Jackson and Dad went to their first Royals game last week.  Jackson was very excited to go just like his brother has in the past.  When Hayden went to his first game, Jerry bought him a keepsake bat.  We had told Jackson he could get a bat like that when he went to his first game.  However, when they went to buy the bat something else caught his eye and there was no changing his mind.

And so now, instead of a nice keepsake bat that he will have to look back on in 25 years and remember his first Royals game, we now have a large foam finger!  And so that is how it goes.  Jackson is very stubborn and it can be very hard to change his mind.  Despite carrying around a large foam finger, they both had a great time at the game and Jackson is ready to go back.

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