Monday, May 17, 2010

Two days

Only 2 more days until Katelyn's open heart surgery and I am struggling with trusting God with the whole situation.  This is very hard to admit, because I continue to try and give this to Him, but I keep taking it back, piece by piece.  I read this on a blog today and I have continued to ponder these words all day.

Why do we as parents try to hang on when we know that our children are much better off in the Lord's hands than in our own? Why do we have a hard time trusting when we know our Heavenly Father loves us deeply and passionately?

This mom has been through way more than I can ever imagine, and yet I felt as if she was talking to me when I read these words.  All of this is part of God's wonderful plan and I know He is in control.  We have felt so loved by all the prayers and words of encouragement we have received from friends and family.  We feel truly blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people who love and care about Katelyn. 

Specific prayer requests now include Katelyn being healthy enough to pass pre-op on Wednesday (as I am sure my nerves cannot take postponing this surgery!) her surgeon Dr. O'Brien and all the staff involved in the surgery, the boys- that they would have such a great time visiting friends and family during this time that they won't even miss us (well maybe just a little!) and Jerry and I- that we would remain strong for Katelyn and for each other, knowing this strength does not come from ourselves but from God.

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  1. Oh my! Your sweet Katelyn is precious. She reminds me a little of Cora with those chunky cheeks. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I know you must be feeling so much anxiety as Katelyn's surgery approaches. I remember those is awful! Praying that you would be able to trust God completely with Katelyn's life. And praying for a successful surgery and complete recovery. May you sense our Heavenly Father's indescribable love and comfort during these tough days.