Monday, February 7, 2011

New Adventure

I have always enjoyed crafting of all types.  I remember as a little girl sewing with my Grandma Sims.  She taught me how to use her old sewing machine.  I was shocked how quickly it all came back to me when I got my first sewing machine earlier this year.  I was so excited to find a great deal on Craigslist.  I convinced Jerry to let me get it just to see if I would use it.  I have hemmed some pants and made some fun shirts with fabric applique using my machine.  However, I have recently found a new project that I am so excited about.  Of course, every project is more fun with a friend to share it with so I convinced (it didn't take much!) my friend Jessi to join me in a new adventure.  It involves both of these...........

With my love of purses this was the perfect beginning project!  If I can get the hang of this, I can have a purse (or two!!) in every color (trust me- Jerry was THRILLED to hear my purse collection could be expanding!) 

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