Monday, February 28, 2011

Passing the Time

Because I don't have enough to keep me busy, I have been working on some projects lately to pass the time until Peyton arrives.  The most exciting project was the purse.  Yes- it is complete!  I am very proud of myself despite all the imperfections in it.  I gave it to Annie for her birthday this weekend so now I can post pictures on here.  I definately plan to make more of these in the future and I am sure it will go much smoother the next time around.

I have also been hard at work in the girls' room getting it ready.  Funny thing is the walls look great but I still don't have any of the newborn clothes washed or put away (oh yeah, still need to find a place to put them!) But again- the walls are done!  Priorities- I know!  I put each of their names on the wall using vinyl I cut with my cricut.

Then I made this really cool photo board.  Best part is this project costs me less than $10.  Found an ugly picture at goodwill with a large wooden frame.  Took it apart and painted the frame pink.  Cut foam board and covered it in material.  Strung wire from each side and hung the pics with these adorable little clothespins.

And my final project was using my vinyl and cricut again.  I designed this on my Cricut design studio software.  I plan to take Peyton and have pictures taken like the ones Kate had done when she was born with her name bloomers.  That will go in the empty frame.

And now that we are exactly 4 weeks away from my due date I think its time I put aside my craft projects for a while and focus on getting some baby clothes clean, cleaning out that closet, packing some bags and finding people to watch my kids while I am in the hospital.  Again all of these minor details!  And none of them are near as fun as all this craftiness!

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  1. I have had a similar wire strung photo frame project in mind for awhile now for our diningroom. Yours is so cute and has prodded me on. Maybe I'll make it a priority for Spring Break! Love ya!