Monday, February 14, 2011

You Know You're Pregnant When....

*You cry when your Valentine's day cookies aren't as soft as they should be
*You crave a DQ cookie dough blizzard in the middle of an actual blizzard
*You finally get said blizzard two days later when the high for the day is 7 degrees
*You consider leaving the house in your coffee print lounge pants because they are the most comfortable thing you own
*Your kids bring you flowers and balloon for Valentine's day and it makes you cry
*You constantly crave oranges and grapefruits
*You start thinking about going to bed at 7pm
*You wear tennis shoes with every outfit regardless of what a fashion "no-no" it may be
*You don't sleep more than 2 hrs straight in any given night
*You open the house up and turn the attic fan on when the high reaches 50 degrees
*You can't make it through Walmart without going to the bathroom at least once
*You get to experience the wonderful feeling of this tiny miracle inside you- this makes all the rest of the craziness worth it!

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