Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I have spent the last two nights in Children's Mercy Hospital with Peyton.  Sunday she started running a fever of 101.4 which for a newborn is considered very high.  After calling the pediatrician, I was told to take her to Children's to be looked at.  I learned that high fevers in newborns are taken very seriously.  Within an hour of arrival, we had already seen 2 doctors and were told we were being admitted.  They did a series of tests including a spinal tap and blood work.  The initial tests all came back negative, however they admitted us for 48 hrs while they grew the cultures to see if anything showed up.  By Monday evening her temperature had gone down.  She never had any other symptoms other than the high fever.  They suspect she caught that from Jackson and I as we had just come down with strep throat and were running fevers.  The good news is, the cultures came back normal and they discharged us tonight.  I am so glad to be home and in my own bed and have my family back together again. 

We had to keep the binky in her mouth or else she tried to eat her splint!

I love the care we received once again from Children's Mercy staff.  I am so blessed that we live so close to such a wonderful facility where we can take our kids if the need arises (and considering this is our 3rd kid to be admitted and our 4th will be admitted in June- I say we have a need!)  They took such good care of my little girl and did all they could to make my stay as comfortable as possible.  We were actually on the same floor that Kate will be on following her open heart surgery so we will likely see all these wonderful nurses again real soon!

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  1. Do you have a date for Katelyn's surgery yet? Just read on Henry's blog(Kelli & Danny's nephew) that his open heart surgery is scheduled for May 25.