Thursday, April 28, 2011


There is nothing better than a sister.  They truly make the best friends.  I can't wait to watch the girls grow up and develop a sister bond.  I pray that they develop a closeness that I have with my sisters.  I know there will be moments when they fight- all sisters do.   But I pray those moments are few and far between and that there are many more happy memories made. 

To my girls- I love you so much.  God truly blessed you by giving you each other.  I pray each and every day for you and anticipate all the opportunites God will bless you with in this life.  I pray that you girls will walk together through this journey and become best of friends and most importantly will grow up to be women that honor and love God.  I feel so honored that God chose me to be your Mom.  I will work to cherish each and every milestone.  Love you both- Mom

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