Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Jackson definately got my love for creating.  He LOVES any type of craft.  I am constantly finding his art all over the house.  The other night Jerry told me I had to put a stop to this because "his art is taking over our house!" (Jerry doesn't appreciate the creativity like I do:)  I made a display wall in their room for him to hang his projects, the problem is with the quantity he is making we run out of room quickly!  We go through more paper, glue, tape and stickers in a month than most households do in a year!  Last weekend he made a surprise for us in our bedroom.  He was so proud of himself.

This is batman, spiderman, Flash and not sure what the rest is.  He had drawn them all, cut them out and taped them to our wall.  (Jerry was thrilled!) 

Tonight he wanted to have an art night and he wanted to be the teacher.  So he taught me how to make a snail, like the one he made in his art class last week.

It melts my heart to see his love for creating.  I love to watch him as he focuses on his project with his tongue hanging out as he concentrates.  It is so exciting to see him develop his natural talents.  We had him in an art class this summer and his teacher was very complimentary of him.  We hope to enroll him again.  It is so exciting to see your kids use their God given talent. 

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