Sunday, October 30, 2011


Last weekend we made a last minute trip to Abilene to visit my family.  It was exactly what we needed- some time away as a family to have fun.  It was a very short trip but we crammed in tons of fun.  We started the day off at Aunt Annie's house where the kids enjoyed their new minature pony.  Then we all headed to the pumpkin patch (which requires a seperate post!) and we finished the evening at Grandpa & Grandma's house for a bonfire. 

This is the best group shot we got of the cousins- it really is no easy task!

Peyton enjoyed her first bonfire.  And she LOVES her hat- don't let my sisters tell you otherwise!

We got up early on Sunday morning to head home.  The kids were not happy at all- wait who am I kidding- I wasn't happy either!  However there is beauty in the morning to enjoy.

I am glad we were able to make the trip to see family even if the visit was short.  We promised the kids we will stay longer at Christmas.  I love it that my kids have cousins to share life with!

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