Friday, February 3, 2012

Family Night

We are enjoying another great family night complete with pizza, movie and Wii games. Ok, well actually now I am enjoying some mommy crafting and computer time since the girlies are asleep and the boys are all currently playing Wii.  I surprised them with a smores pizza for dessert and that earned me a "you're the best mom ever" comment from two sweet boys.  I love that!
The kids love to have a picnic in the livingroom for dinner

However, tonight they weren't prepared for this

This little blue eyed girl is now on the move and managed to get ahold of pizza on more than one occasion as the older kids watched the movie

Tonight was the first movie night that Peyton enjoyed her own snack too!

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  1. We do this every Friday! This week, though, I had a roast thawed out and needed to get it put in the crockpot. The kids were so thrown off to not be having pizza for supper on Friday! (and I wouldn't let them eat roast on the floor in the living room.) :)