Thursday, February 23, 2012

Goodbye......for now

Today was a sad day.  We said goodbye to Kate's two therapists.  Theresa is Kate's speech therapist.  She was Hayden's speech therapist too.  We never dreamed 4 yrs ago when we said goodbye to her then that we would later be calling her to work with Kate too.  She is wonderful and has worked wonders with both of my kids.  Kate turns 3 on Sunday so she will no longer qualify for First steps and will start preschool at the early childhood center (gasp!) I am not dealing well with that at all!

We also said goodbye to Trish.  I don't know what Trish's title is but she is wonderful.  Kate LOVES her.  Which what 2 year old wouldn't love someone who brings in large bags of toys and an Ipad to play with?  Trish was also Hayden's therapist and when Kate qualified for services we asked for Trish again.  We enjoyed dinner with Trish tonight as a farewell visit.  I swear I have a picture of Kate and Trish but can't find it for the life of me. 

So for now we will say goodbye.  Although if Peyton needs any therapy these are the two we will be calling first!

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