Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week off

I just spent a week off work with a "to do" list that filled an entire clipboard!  I would like to say I accomplished everything on my list.  But I would be lying.  I crossed off several items and in looking back I see a common theme.  I only crossed off the fun stuff on my list.  For some reason, cleaning my closet, organizing my craft closet, etc didn't even get touched! 

Instead I did fun stuff like this

*enjoyed the beautiful wildflowers Jackson picked for me
*crafting by myself and with the boys
*lesson learned- never hand Kate a cool whip lid and ask her to throw it away
*lots of snuggles with my baby (it was a week of bonding leave so that's what I was supposed to do!)
*lunch at school with the boys
*two lunch dates with my hubby
*extended lunch with Jessi- we haven't talked that long uninterrupted for a long time
*got Peyton's 3 month pics taken (don't mind that she is almost 6 months!)
*slept in (Thursday happened to be a late start day so they boys didn't have to be to school until 10:40)
*funnel cake at Fall Fun Fest
*brunch with Sarah and her fam- so nice to see them, so sad we don't see each other more often
*football with my honey
*read an entire Karen Kingsbury book
*went shoe shopping- Daddy picked out some really cute pink boots for Kate- she loves them!
*bought a new laptop (old one decided to quit working and our desktop hasn't worked in a while- so it was time)

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