Sunday, August 1, 2010


We took advantage of more hot weather to enjoy some more time swimming.  We have two kids that absolutely love the water and one that will only sit on the steps.  This is my stair kid!

The funny part is he could sit there for hours, he just is too scared to jump in, swim, go under, etc.  He definately needs some swimming lessons because with his personality there is no way he will let Jerry or I work with him.  Now on the other hand, we can't keep this kid out of the pool.

I am so proud of him, this summer he has become such a good swimmer.  He can swim the entire length of our subdivision pool.  He can do front flips and backflips under the water and has even perfected a triple front flip!  He has never had swim lessons and has just done really well working with Jerry.  This is his favorite thing to do.

I am hoping Kate's love for the water is an indication that she will be following in Hayden's footsteps in regards to swimming.  She hates her float because it keeps her out of the water too much, she wants to be in the water up to her shoulders! 

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