Monday, August 9, 2010


After what seemed like months of waiting, Hayden finally lost his first tooth today.  He had pizza for lunch and it was sticking out.  He then went to brush his teeth and it popped out on the floor!  He cried at first, I think he was a little surprised.  He has been wanting to loose a tooth for a while as several of his friends have been loosing teeth- so of course, it seems like the thing to do! 

So tonight at bedtime I heard Jackson tell him "I can't believe you lost a tooth!"  And then the questions followed? How will the tooth fairy get in our house? Will he come in the chimney? (they refer to the tooth fairy as a him!) Should we leave the fire on in the chimney? Does he fly? Is he invisible? Will he come in through the attic? 

But the best was Hayden's prayer.  After he finished his usual prayer requests, he added "I pray the tooth fairy will pick up my tooth tonight, and leave some money... a dollar, no two dollars, actually ten dollars and some gum. Amen"  Gotta give him credit, he knows God answers prayer so why not shoot for the moon!

This is not a good picture of him, makes his face looks distorted but it was the best I could get of the missing tooth!


  1. So how much does the tooth fairy leave at your house?? We have a girl fairy here, so it might be different. :)

  2. This tooth fairy left $1- we figured we have lots of teeth to go and more kids to loose teeth. We hate to set the standard too high!