Monday, August 9, 2010


So I am flipping through a Target ad tonight and I see a picture of a graphing calculator.  Although this is not the old style graphing calculator like I had, this one looks like a cell phone.  It comes complete with an interchangable faceplate!  It made me feel old. 

It may not have made me feel so old if I hadn't just seen some high school pictures of myself earlier on Amy's blog.  I forgot how great I looked in high school (and what cute guys I dated:)  I haven't looked at any high school pics forever- wow are these out of style!  Was it really THAT long ago?  So if you want a good laugh go on, click here.  Scroll down and you will see me at my Junior Christmas Formal and Junior Prom.  I am happy to announce that out of that group of 5 girls, 2 of them married their sweethearts from these pics.  God had a much better plan for me!

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  1. This mirrors my thoughts of the other day, Melissa! I remember ONLY having a graphing calculator at school because they were so expensive! =) Meg