Thursday, December 30, 2010

My gifts

Jerry and I had decided we weren't getting anything big for each other this year for Christmas.  We got several small things and let the kids pick out a couple things. 

I love drinking coffee out of a cup from Starbucks because they have the perfect lid.  I also love drinking any cold beverage from a straw.  Therefore these were two of my favorite gifts (and my my favorite color too)!

I also got some coffee mugs, a necklace and Cricut software.  But my favorite gift of all were these (they even made me cry!)

For the last two months we have been debating baby girl names.  My name choice has always been Peyton Jean.  However, Jerry was not on board with the name.  We couldn't agree on any names but continued to throw out suggestions.  I wasn't stressing about it because I knew we still had a couple months to agree.  I was shocked that he had finally agreed to my name.  I was just as shocked that he had ordered these personalized bloomers just like the ones I got Katelyn before she was born.  And the most shocking part is, the boys have known about it and didn't once spill the secret of their baby sister's name! 

Don't I have the most wonderful husband ever!

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