Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve

And once again, Christmas Eve did not go as planned at our house.  No major issues, just didn't do all the "family" things I had planned.  We attended Christmas Eve service.  This is the one service a year our kids attend with us (they typically go to Sunday School while we go to service) And let me tell you, it's one time a year too many!  That was the longest 75 minutes ever!  I had brought snacks for Katelyn so she was fine.  I just hadn't planned on the boys needing snacks.  Jackson continued to steal Kate's cereal which caused her to scream and smack him.  After 10 min of singing, the Praise leader told us to shake hands with those around us to which Jack states out loud "Good, it's time to go!"  I knew we were in for it from there.  Finally, communion had arrived.  At this point, I have Jack and Kate at the back of the church due to prior commotion.  When they handed the tray to me, Jack states in his "not so whispering voice" "Is that a kind I would like?"  The server tried to hide his smile!  Later another server stopped to see if they had got me and I told him yes to which Jack again loudly states "What Mom, you don't want another one?"  We survived Christmas Eve service and are trying not to think about what next year's service will be like with 4 kids! 

This was the best picture I could get before church.  Thanks for cooperating Hayden!

After service we had pizza and our birthday cake for Jesus.  We opened a couple gifts.  Of course, they got their traditional pajamas and this year we decided to give them a few other gifts because it seems Christmas morning can sometimes be rushed at our house as we head out of town.

They also opened their Paper Jams which were a huge hit. 

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