Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wrapping Night

This has been the year of procrastination.  I ALWAYS have my presents wrapped several weeks before Christmas.  Not this year- I was still buying gifts on the 23rd!  It has become a tradition for Jerry and I to stay up late one night wrapping all the kids' gifts together.  I love that he wants to help, even if his wrapping skills leave a little to be desired (the kids don't seem to mind!)  Well this year our wrapping night was the 23rd and it didn't start until 11:00 when Jerry got home from work.  It lasted until 2am and I was exhausted! 

While he was at work that night, the kids and I had our wrapping night.  They each wrapped their gift for each other and their gift for Dad. 

Kate even got in some practice with the scissors!

But decided she preferred putting stickers all over herself!

And after wrapping, we finished the night with a movie night.  All snuggled up to watch Veggie Tale Christmas.

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