Monday, March 12, 2012

Birthday party

One huge benefit to having 3 kids born within 4 weeks of each is combined parties!  I forsee lots of these in our future, especially for the girls. We celebrated Kate and Peyton's birthday on Sunday with family and friends.  We invited 6 special girls that are Kate's friends.  They are all friends of the family and are older than her, but she loves these girls and their families.  Kate has talked about this party for weeks, she was so excited.  She kept asking if Rylee was coming and I kept trying to explain Rylee wasn't coming.  My sisters and I had decided this year that its really hard to make all the kids parties since there are 10 nieces and nephews.  We decided just to try and celebrate together as a family when we make it back to Abilene.  So Sunday morning I was so surprised to see Sarah and Dusty and the kids at the door.  They had planned to come for a long time and had kept it a secret (which if you know anything about us Sims girls this is a huge undertaking!) Of course after Rylee arrived she was then concerned where Lola was- so hard to understand 3 hr drive at 3 yrs old:)

Luckily Sarah arrived because I had forgotten about the time change so at 8:30 when I run to the store for more frosting which I had run out of at midnight the night before I look at my phone to realize it was actually 9:30.  Panic set in- I had way too much to do and not enough time.  She jumped in and helped me get it all done and it was perfect.   There weren't many pictures of Peyton enjoying her party.  She clung to me most of the time.  She is cutting her molars and was not feeling the best. Kate loved all the attention and all the presents. I think her favorite were her flip flops from Aunt Annie!

Peyton's first cake experience was less than exciting.  She took one swipe of the frosting and covered her hand in it.  She immediately put that hand into her hair.  She refused to take a bite.  Jerry finally got her to take 2 bites but that was all.  She was done.

Obviously the party was too much excitement for her

Since we didn't get good pics of Peyton, I made them put there matching birthday shirts back on to take more pics today when Peyton was in a better mood.  Kate was happy to model her new tutu and hairbow from Aunt Sarah

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