Wednesday, March 7, 2012


*Lots of adjusting at our house- I am working back in the office again for what I hope to be short term.  It has been very stressful at our house. 
*Jerry hasn't been working due to our very mild winter.  This has been very frustrating considering if he doesn't work, he doesn't get paid- we pay daycare either way!  It can be tough when you make the choice you felt God was leading you in and then it doesn't appear as it should. 
*I am planning the girls' birthday party for this weekend and have too many lists to count of what needs to be done before then.  Thanks to my great friend Jessi for offering to come help out.
*In addition to the birthday party, we are getting new furniture this weekend and so I also have an equally long list of house projects I am trying to finish.
*I am missing my kids like crazy.  I no longer get to see them in the mornings (unless they are up early) and our evenings are shorter.  I am also missing my hubby.  We had been enjoying lunch together regularly over the past few months.
*Last night we had spagehetti and Jack managed to have sauce all over his face all the way up to his ear!  How does that happen?!
*Kate has started insisting on saying her own prayers at bedtime. The first person she always prays for is Kim (our sitter) and then Daddy and baby and "my boys" and most of the time Mommy is included as well.  Sometimes there will be someone else, most recently her cousin Rylee.  Last night when she finished her prayer she said "Good-bye"  I said, "Don't you mean Amen" and she looked at me with a huge smile and said "No Good bye!" 
*These pictures remind me how fast time passes.  These were all saved on my work computer and made me smile. 

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