Saturday, March 17, 2012


Jackson I can't believe you are six years old today.  I love watching your creative mind at work.  You love drawing and coloring and anything art.  You have a huge imagination and are constantly putting it to work with your action figures.  You love all super heros but I think your current favorite is Captain America.  You have such a sweet heart, although you have a stubborn side just as big. I love to watch you as you continue to excel in sports and gain confidence each game.  You are one of the tallest boys in your class.  You are 49 inches tall and weigh 59 lbs which puts you in the 97% for your age.  The dr said if you continue to grow at this rate you will be 6'3" tall. You thought that sounded great because you would be taller than mom and dad!   I love you so much big boy and can't wait to watch you continue to grow and mature.  God has great things planned for you.

Only you could make a mohawk look this good:)

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