Friday, May 13, 2011

Big Wheel Day

This is by far my favorite event at Little Angels.  It is so much fun!  Each kid is given an "official" drivers license and they drive all over the town- to the carwash, mechanic shop, drive in, putt putt, and of course the face painting shop!  I have to say their testing for these driver's license is definately lacking.  I was nearly ran over numerous times as I pushed Peyton around!  Jackson's big wheel day was rained out last Thursday and postponed until this week.  We had beautiful weather and the day was a huge success. 

Kate really wanted to ride too.  She is definately 2!

She was then distracted by this cutie.  She loves Gabe and he is so good with her.  If she falls for an older man in 18 30 years this would be my choice:)

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