Sunday, May 29, 2011

Small Group

This year our small group wrapped up the school year with a bbq at Old Mill Park.  Of course the nice weather didn't stick around for us and instead it was about 50 degrees!  The bonus was due to the weather we had the park to ourselves!  This is a very good thing for a group that has a total of 19 kids between us. 
We had a great evening of food, fun and fellowship. 

Our evening even included some detective work.  After exploring a bunch of stuff found by the trash can, we determined a car had been stolen and they had dumped a girls personal belongings.  We called the girl and she wasn't even aware her car was stolen, she was out of town.

The kids thought it was real cool when the police arrived.  Luckily the officer ended up being someone from our church and he was more than happy to let the kids look in his car and even pose for a picture!

I am so thankful for what small group has brought to our lives.  It is wonderful to have other families to share life with.  They have been there for us so many times whether it be meals, childcare or prayer.  So many of closest friends have been people that we have been in small group with through the years. 

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