Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maternity Leave

I am so sad.  Maternity leave is coming to an end.  I will go back to work on Tuesday.  I have had 9 weeks off.  I feel so blessed to have such wonderful benefits.  I get 9 weeks off with full pay to enjoy my baby girl.  And then in addition, I get another 2 weeks of bonding time to be taken within the first 6 months of birth.  This time, I am saving my bonding time to be taken around Kate's surgery.  When I had the boys, I was only allowed 6 weeks off and only with partial pay.  I know this is a huge blessing, but I am still sad.  I can't imagine leaving my baby girl all day long.  Actually can't imagine leaving any of them all day long.  I could definately get used to being at home.  Don't get me wrong- it has its not-so-fun moments, but I truly love spending time with my kids. 

I had big plans for my maternity leave.  My list was so long of what all I was going to get accomplished on this 9 weeks off.  I won't show you my list.  It's too embarrassing to show how little got crossed off (and I LOVE to cross things off my list!)  Where has the time gone?! 

THIS is where the time has gone........

Our schedule has gotten crazy!  There were some days I didn't even have enough space on the day to write all the activities.  I hear this is only going to get worse as the kids get older.  So............guess I need to be looking for a bigger calendar! 

And of course some of time was spent snuggling this sweetie pie

She has spent so much of her short little life here in this carseat.  She is SO good!  I can take her anywhere and she will just sleep.  If she is awake, just give her a binkie and she is good to go.  I guess being the 4th child she had no choice but to be good. 

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