Sunday, May 29, 2011


Today started out with matching dresses for church.  I just love to match my kids.  Thankfully for the boys sake I now have two girls to match so I can quit trying to match them!  Unfortunately, we never got to show off our cuteness at church today because Katelyn barfed right before we pulled into the parking lot! 

After church, we worked very hard to transform this

into this

We still have to fill it in with dirt and plant, but I am thrilled with it.  I have wanted to do this for a couple years and finally it is done!  Thanks honey for all your hard work.  We finished the night with some smore happiness.  You will notice Kate's tummy was feeling better!

This was Kate's first smore experience- she opted to take hers apart and lick out the inside!  Hayden and I tried smores with Reeces cups for the first time and they wonderful.  Definately my favorite way to have a smores now! 

**Kate's black eye you have been seeing in these recent pictures is a result of a tennis lesson by Jack gone wrong!  I'm just thankful he wasn't giving her batting practice!**

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  1. Smores with pb cups is my absolute favorite!